Update on the Release Date

Some updates towards the release of “The Museum of Radically Obsolete Futures”:

Unfortunately I got quite a bit sick earlier this month.😷 The whole thing threw me out of the loop for a bit which means that I sadly didn’t manage to get the game ready for launch with the Queer Games Bundle on 01 June.

What I will do instead is release the game incrementally during the month of June. Each update will open up a bit more of the museum and add more exhibition pieces to explore. I’m planning on having about 3 or 4 updates, with the first hopefully coming in about a week or so (as soon as I’ve restocked the gift shop💸).

In the meantime I’ll also try and update the current demo a bit!

For now here are some screencaps from the development of the interface and the pathfinding system 🐌

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