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Planned Release Date: Soonish :>

The Museum of Radically Obsolete Futures is being made during the run of the Queer Games Bundle in June of 2022 and still in development. Get notified when a new update is released:

What sweet relieve! What hot and unrelenting unburdenment! The fierce pleasure of achieving that highest state of non-doing, non-being: Becoming obsolete.

We, that undefinable We, have spend eons observing technology and carefully transcribing its myriad ways of un-becoming: Transforming from an object that is imbued with infinite desire to something... other, something more powerful.

We have wandered the planes of planned obsolescence, we have swam across the sea of software-as-a-service, we have crawled along this closed-source paradise and bruised our bodies on its many beveled edges. Our limbs are finally ready to retrace those steps: We, too, can become obsolete. Our bodies are in fact, even as you read this, already in the process of decay.

Our Museum awaits its visitors.

The Museum of Radically Obsolete Futures is a short narrative-driven point-and-click adventure. It combines magical imageries with 20th century hard sci-fi fabulations.

  • Explore the museum as a hot anthropomorphic flame of indistinct origins🔥💦
  • Play with intricately built machines, explore all kinds of speculative noise-making devices, touch the exhibition pieces! I know you can not resist!
  • Handcrafted electro-dream tape-gunk soundscapes, also available as MP3 download
  • Controls: Mouse or Gamepad
  • Playtime: Around half an hour
  • Will be available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux

The demo on this page is provided for the purpose of organizing the bundle and is just a rough draft of what the finished project will be like. The final version will feature a lot more exhibition pieces (some that you can even play around with) and short speculative fiction stories that go with each piece.

Feel free to add the game's itch.io page to your collections so you get notified when the updates are released. Or just buy the Queer Games Bundle when it goes live. Seriously, just buy the freaking bundle!

Download demo

Very Early Bundle Preview (WIN) 57 MB

Development log


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is this project abondoned?

(2 edits) (+1)

Hey Dankkrish! No, I wouldn’t say that. I’m still working on it but after the end of the bundle I was unhappy with how it was progressing so I scrapped some of my ideas and am currently trying to figure out a way to finish it up in a way that I would be happy with. :/ I guess I’m a bit stuck but I really do want to complete this project. Sorry for the delay 🐌

no problem, i thank you for the update ^w^


This is amazing. I don't even know how you made this.

I'm in awe, this is just so exciting.

Thank you Taylor for the kind words! 🐚
And thanks for putting all the care and effort into organizing the bundle, really looking forward to it! 💚